Grey Fabrics

We are handling all possible construction , weaves and widths of grey and finished fabrics in 100 {9dc31db20e3709d5a0e7168b9d62a8f11813fc533c415d6c152d6c1f6be1126b} cotton, blends of poly cotton , Model , Linen , Organic cotton , Bamboo etc , woven or Air Jet and Shuttle less looms. All fabrics mentioned hereunder can be offered in grey , pfd , pfgd , bleached , dyed and printed forms to meet customers required specifications and standards

Narrow Width Fabrics For Fashion Wear
Twills , Drills , BFC , Ribstop , Canvas , Stretch Fabrics , Dobby Structured Fabrics , Poplines.

Narrow Width Fabrics For Work Wear

Cotton  , Poly Cotton and CVC fabrics in 1/1 , 2/1 , 3/1 , Ribstop , BFC

Wider Width Fabrics for Home Textiles

Satins , Strips Satina , Percales , Sheetings in 100 {9dc31db20e3709d5a0e7168b9d62a8f11813fc533c415d6c152d6c1f6be1126b} cotton and blends of poly cotton. We can offer from basic T-144 up to T-1000.